Will Smith Says He Might Step Into Politics In The Future

Will Smith Says He Might Step Into Politics In The Future

Five years ago, the Hollywood star Will Smith mentioned his intention to join the race for the White House after following up on the debates of the presidential candidates by  that time.

As we probably know, after the failures due to the lack of careful preparation, Kanye West announced that he was targeting the US presidential election of 2024. However, it seems that the male rapper of “Stronger” is not the only artist heading to the presidential chair of the next term. This is  because recently, Will Smith has said that he has not dismissed the intention to try in the political field and will really think about this in the future. During his guest appearance on the Pod Save America hosted by Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor on Monday (March 1), Will Smith confirmed his interest in running for office “at some point” when asked by a cohost of the political podcast.

Cautious of his response, Will Smith said:”I think for now I’ll let that office get cleaned up a little bit”. “And then I’ll consider that at some point down the line“, he continued. Besides, he also commented on the qualities that he has as a politician:”I absolutely have an opinion, I`m optimistic, I`m hopeful, I believe in understanding between people and I believe in the possibility of harmony. I will certainly do my part, whether it remains artistic or, at some point, ventures into the political arena,” he said.

Will Smith thought about preparing to face Donald Trump in the 2015 election.

This is not the first time Will Smith has expressed his concern for the political path. In 2015, the male artist once said he felt he should run for president to confront Donald Trump after his controversial statements.

The 52 year-old actor appeared on the political podcast to promote the Netflix series “Amend: The Fight for America”, which examines the drive for equal rights through the lens of the 14th Amendment. During the conversation, also spoke about racism, and how he has encountered systematic racism, even more after becoming a part of Hollywood.

I grew up with the impression that racists and racism were stupid, and they were easy to get around. I just had to be smarter now while they were very dangerous,” he said.

But at the core of it, I noticed a difference between ignorance and evil. Now they’re twins, for sure, but ignorance, can be educated and evil is a much more difficult problem. I’ve always been encouraged that the process of education and understanding could alleviate some of the more dangerous and difficult aspects of racism that have unfortunately been embedded in the very fibers of our country,” he added.

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