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Heartbreak and rawness in “Still” by Misa

Heartbreak and rawness in “Still” by Misa

Misa is a trip-hop artist, singer and songwriter who grew up in Beirut and is now based in London. She has been releasing music since the spring of this year and has been hailed as “10 Most Promising Music Acts of 2020” and ‘Five Unstoppable Female Artists’ by Atomix Vox.

She is an awe-inspiring performer who posesses your heart with profoundly soulful music and hypnotic vocals.

Her path to becoming such an impressive artist was not an easy one. It began two years ago when she was faced with a difficult personal crisis, but she found solace and inner-strength in her music, which she describes as the core of her life.

She has crafted a collection of sounds and songs that are a refelction and expression of her journey and experiences with love, heart-break, and personal growth.

Her recent release “Still” is a captivating and touching song about the misery and suffering that is endured when you lose your soulmate. This song is severely heart-wrenching, full of raw and honest emotion.

The song begins and we are instantly bewitched by an emotive tune playing on a piano, and we pause, with suspended breath, in hypnotised silence.

This is an instrumentally stunning piece of music, showcasing piano, cajones, violin, and guitar, creating a spellbinding soundscape which swaddles the listener in instrumental paradise.

There is a ceaseless steady beating on the cajones which sounds like a reflection of the beating of her heart.

Misa performs with incredible emotional rawness and when we hear the break in her voice, it’s as if we are hearing the breaking of her heart.

Misa quoted: “Still is easily the most personal and hardest song I’ve ever sung”.

And we can feel the pain and anguish like an open wound, exposed, raw, and agonising.

This memorably stunning song will connect on a profound level with many listeners. And hopefully, help others to release heartbreak and move forward.

Misa has a new song releasing next month which you can keep an eye out for here:

If you enjoy music from artists such as Amy Winehouse and Ellie Goulding then Misa will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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