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Face your fears with joy and let go “Catch Us” by Waking Bear

Face your fears with joy and let go “Catch Us” by Waking Bear

Waking Bear is a unique, quirky and inspirational indie-rock band from Olympia, Washington, who have been releasing music since 2019.

The band was formed by Noah Bears in 2018 after a fateful meeting with Ivy Jordanne, when the stars and universe aligned to bring them into each other’s lives. A great adventure of travel, music, and love ensued.

They discovered after many long conversations, that they had an equal vision, to create a band that provides an entire musical experience to their listeners. To be able to express and share the feelings of gratitude, joy and love.

Their recent release “Catch Us” is an exploration into the evolution of the deeper concsiousness.

The song commences, and an electric guitar plays a hypnotic slow tempo tune, instantly engaging and captivating listeners.

We are wrapped in a vortex of instrumental bliss for the first two minutes of this song, with epic guitar hooks and atmospheric drumming. This intense musical delivery leaves the listener on the edge of anticipation.

The intensity increases gradually, and as the music verges on eruption, Ivy Jordanne surrenders, letting out a howling cry of joyous and wild fervour, beckoning listeners to join her.

Ivy’s voice is fresh, passionate and delightfully charismatic. She maintains a sense of calmness and wiseness as she recites thought-provoking lyrics, such as; “Mind slows to pray, And we tune in, tap in, be still, take a pause, look around to appreciate”.

Poetical lyrics describing the process of facing fears and letting go are a gift to their listeners. Waking Bear have quoted; “The more courageously we face our fears and the more we release old wounds and traumas, the more these fears fade away”.

Waking Bear have a deep meaning behind each of their songs, reinforcing their ideals to transmit truly transformational music.

This band is revolutionary, soaked in inspiration and creativity, releasing infectious music which activates the vibrations of joy, love and healing.

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If you enjoy music from artists such as Trevor Hall and Michael Franti, then Waking Bear will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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