“Devil” by Kumiho & Sammy Legs / Dark Swing Takes New Heights

Meet Kumiho & Sammy Legs: Singer-songwriter Kumiho and composer/producer Sammy Legs, are the talented artists behind this extraordinary band. They have just released their first collaborated single with Berlin-based, German label, Electro Swing Thing, and it is an absolute banger! Kumiho, known as the demon temptress, infuses the free-spirited nature of jazz, along with modern-day psychedelic electronic instrumentation, to create […]

Take Me Back – Random Parts / Addictively Nostalgic

Meet Random Parts: LA-based Jonathon Brannon is the founder and songwriter for Random Parts. A pop-rock band that showcases Brannon’s exceptional songwriting abilities and talented guest vocalists. Brannon has been releasing music since 2007 under the artist name, Brannon, with his longtime collaborator, David Cagle on vocals. Random Parts is Brannon’s new project that is focusing on developing further into […]

No More Roses – Grant Kemp / Shout-Out

San Francisco based Grant Kemp is an artist, model and influencer who is known for his appearances on ABC’s series, The Bachelor and Bachelorette. He has just released his first major single, “No More Roses” with Terrible Children Records. Listen to his song “No More Roses” right here… Provided by Music Blog PR https://musicblogpr.com/

Kess Kiss Pass? – Marie Möör & THE OTHER COLORS / Acceptance & Equality

Meet Marie Möör & The Other Colors: Marie Möör & The Other Colors are a French electronic band, based in Paris, France, The two band members are vocalist and songwriter Marie Möör and music composer Laurent Chambert. Marie Möör first got involved in music after she met saxaphonist and jazzman, Barney Wilen, who inspired her greatly. Laurent Chambert trained in […]

Britney Spears speaks directly to LA court on her conservatorship

24 May Britney Spears speaks directly to LA court on her conservatorship Britney Spears, whose mental health has been publicly discussed for years, will address a Los Angeles court in June regarding her conservatorship. Spears, 39, has been under conservatorship since 2008, but rarely takes part in court hearings and has not publicly commented on the legal arrangement where a […]