Impressive wordplay and lyrical performance in “Stereotypical Angry Black Guy” by Spaceman

Spaceman is an emcee, songwriter and producer who views music as a vehicle through which he is able to express himself in an artistic fashion. For him, music has the ability to share feelings, emotions, ideas, like no other method. Diving into exploring and developing rhythms, textures and phrases allows Spaceman to reveal elements of himself that he would normally not. […]

Lady Gaga Didn’t Want To Be “Herself”

Lady Gaga said she used to have psychological instability and the feeling of self-hatred as well as dislike the life of a celebrity. Joining CBS talk show on September 20, the singer discussed the wrong side of the star’s life. She confessed that she had thought of suicide so many times after becoming famous. She cut herself into the flesh […]

SXSW Goes Virtual

For many in the U.S. music world, the moment when the catastrophic reality of the coronavirus pandemic struck home was the SXSW 2020 cancellation. The festival has announced that its spring 2021 event will probably be at least partially virtual. “The Music Festival is going to be curated by programming team with priority given to showcase presenters and artists who […]