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Who Is The Only Artist Owning 2 Music Videos With Billion Views In The Past Century?

Who Is The Only Artist Owning 2 Music Videos With Billion Views In The Past Century?

The last century was the time when YouTube was not popular yet, and music products were mainly known through records and television channels. Therefore, the fact that an artist’s music product in the last century reaches billions of views is a rare thing anyone can do. Nevertheless, there was still a group who had become the only star of the last century to own 2 music videos (MVs) per 1 billion views, and it was Guns N ‘Roses!

Gun N ‘Roses is an American hard rock band formed in 1985. At that time, Gun N’ Roses was one of the famous names of the music scene, starring alongside other famous ones like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Queen, The Cranberries, George Michael, … This band was compared to the legendary The Rolling Stones and named as “the most dangerous band in the world”.

Sweet Child O ‘Mine‘ was a song released in 1987, on the band’s debut album ‘Appetite for Destruction’. This is one of the prominent hits in Guns N ‘Roses’ music career, the only song of the band to win No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Currently, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ has reached nearly 1.2 billion views on YouTube.

November Rain’ Released in 1991 was a part of their third studio album namely ‘Use Your Illusion I’. Despite the length of more than 9 minutes, it still has such a huge amount of views. This proves that the song as well as the name of the band in the music market is extremely popular. ‘November Rain’ has currently reached nearly 1.5 billion views on YouTube.

In addition, the artists of the last century owning a music video with billions of views are: Whitney Houston, Queen, The Cranberries and Nirvana. Specifically, Whitney’s single ‘I Will Always Love You’ possess more than 1 billion views, Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ with nearly 1.3 billion views, The Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’ with nearly 1.1 billion views and Nirvana has MV ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ reaching 1,160 billion views.

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