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Von Louis impresses listeners with their debut release “21 Again”

Von Louis impresses listeners with their debut release “21 Again”

Von Louis is the indie-rock creation of Evan Lecker and Kyle Vonderau, who are two talented musicians that formed Von Louis in 2019. The inspiration to form this band came after Vonderau invited Lecker to compose vocals and lyrics for a track he was working on. They were so inspired by each other, they knew they had to make music together.

Both Lecker and Vonderau discovered a passion and talent for music through guitar playing, which they self-taught in their teenage years, and later broadened their expertise to singing and producing also.

Both guys jammed in numerous bands in high school and college, and progressed into various musical projects, either on stage, or in the recording studio.

Last year the duo started composing together, but in separate locations, using voice memo’s, looped arrangements and ProTools for their sessions.

In late 2019, they recorded these remotely composed songs in a session with their favourite musicians. Now, the slow release of these tracks has begun.

“21 Again” is the first single released by Von Louis, and it is an impressive and notable first introduction to this duo’s distinct and varied style.

Listeners are instantly captivated by a dreamy, emotive soundscape of mid-tempo drums and electric guitar, slightly reminiscent of 90s’ rock-pop, but, with a unique Von Louis modern-day style, distinctly their own.

This song has all the finest attributes of a great indie-rock song; reverbed vocals, ceaseless drumming, impressive guitar riffs, beautiful melody, and a mesmerising rockstar lead vocalist, all contributing to an excellent track.

Lecker dazzles listeners with his raspy, passionate vocals, delivering poeticly seductive lyrics such as; “and anyone who told ya, if you wish hard enough, it will all pass by, like a summer storm, right before your eyes”.

Listeners will be easily charmed by this duo’s exceptional talent, emotive lyrics, soaring vocals and passionate performance, and the unforgettable melody will stay with you long after you heard it, reminding you to return for more.

This band has digested influences from Avant-garde to classic pop, and their inspiration stems from a good cigar and vintage gear, as much as it does classic rock albums. Their extensive musical knowledge and experience are displayed through each intricate composition, and they can easily be hailed as the most noteworthy band of 2020.

If you enjoy music from artists such as The War on Drugs and Spoon, then Von Louis will fit perfectly on your playlist. Keep an eye out for their upcoming releases and follow this band here:

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