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Upcoming artist Taylor Curtis releases impressive fourth single “SOS”

Upcoming artist Taylor Curtis releases impressive fourth single “SOS”

Taylor Curtis is a guitarist, singer and songwriter from Vancouver, who became immersed in music in his early teenage years when he started to play the guitar and write his own songs.

Nearing the end of his high school year, Taylor’s left lung spontaneously collapsed and he was admitted for immediate surgery. He began vocal lessons as part of his rehabilitation programme to regain strength in his lungs, which helped improve his healing process greatly.

These lessons also benefitted Taylor’s vocal ability, greatly improving his singing voice.

Whilst majoring in English at college Taylor began to play in different bands, however, his true desire and passion lay in storytelling and songwriting, which inspired him to venture out as a solo artist and write his own music.

In 2019 he began releasing music and his most recent release “SOS” is from his upcoming EP titled “Neurotica”, due for release this December.

The song opens with a captivating upbeat guitar riff which stays with you for hours after, and a steady, rhythmic drum propels the song forward.

The instrumental intensity builds until Taylor howls into the microphone with passionate fervour; “What good is life if we’re just running away, what good is time if I’m wasting mine”

Taylor’s raspy and charismatic vocals reveal deep and raw emotions. His voice is nothing short of beautiful, with a charming and seductive tone. The kind of voice that entices you to return for more, again and again.

Taylor is an expert storyteller and he artistically weaves a vivid image in the mind’s eye with his powerful lyrics.

He manages to connect on a deep level with the listener as he opens up and shares intimate thoughts and experiences.

The inspiration for “SOS” came to Taylor during 2016, a difficult year of fearful emotions and concern over missed opportunities in every aspect of his life.

Although “SOS” expresses a time of anguish, there is also a hopeful energy, and we sense the brightness in his musical expression.

Taylor told us; “I think that’s the most important message baked into the song: as dark as things may get sometimes, there’s always space for the light to find a way”.

His music echo’s early 2000s’ rock, with jaw-dropping guitar hooks reminiscent of Radiohead and the ingenuity of the Arctic Monkeys.

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If you enjoy music from artists such as Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead, then Taylor Curtis will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Taylor Curtis “SOS”

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