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Soaring vocals and emotive lyrics charm listeners in “What’s on Ya Mind?” by James Storch

Soaring vocals and emotive lyrics charm listeners in “What’s on Ya Mind?” by James Storch

James Storch is a talented singer and songwriter from Flushing, New York, who has been passionately involved in music since the young age of five years old.

His debut release on Spotify, “What’s on Ya Mind?” has already reached 20k streams, and it’s easy to see why.

From the opening we are instantly engaged and enthralled by James’ captivating, soaring vocals, which are delivered with a delicious sensuality that stays with you for hours after, tempting you to return for more of his sweet croonings.

James has an outstanding vocal ability, he sings with pure passion and his delivery feels truthful and intimate, with smooth textures and tones which make him immensely enjoyable to listen to.

“What’s on Ya Mind?” is a moving and emotional song with a mid-tempo groovy pop-r&b vibe, which will entice listeners to the dance floor.

This song was composed after a heartbreaking separation from a long term partner. Break-ups can be a difficult time filled with sadness and frustration.

James did not eat or sleep for days, then he felt the need to express all of this and poured his heart out into this song. James told us; “I just went with the flow, and it flowed beautifully.” The result is a great track which many people will relate with and enjoy.

We can all understand the difficulties caused by a lack of communication in relationships, and James focuses on the importance of being truthful with the person you are with, which is something we all need to remember.

James sings about his real-life experiences and artistically refines them into understandable and moving musical tales.

James has always understood that music is a gateway for expression, his first experience with this realization was when he heard his father singing along to “Traces” by Classics IV.  He did not understand the lyrics but could easily connect to the emotion being communicated.

In his Junior High School years, be joined the school choir, this experience significantly impacted on his musical development, and his love and passion for music evolved to such a degree that he realised singing and songwriting was his true passion.

The pure love and dedication James has for his art can be clearly heard through his sensitive yet captivating performance.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Bruno Mars and The Weekend then James Storch will fit perfectly on your playlist. A talented musician and performer, he is definitely set for great things.

James Storch

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