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Lady Gaga Didn’t Want To Be “Herself”

Lady Gaga Didn’t Want To Be “Herself”

Lady Gaga said she used to have psychological instability and the feeling of self-hatred as well as dislike the life of a celebrity.

Joining CBS talk show on September 20, the singer discussed the wrong side of the star’s life. She confessed that she had thought of suicide so many times after becoming famous. She cut herself into the flesh so that everyone could know she was having a problem. That’s why she had to live under the supervision of her relatives for several years because her family was afraid she would do something foolish. “I want them to see that wound to know I’m in pain because I think they can’t see the invisible psychological problems,” Gaga said.

She once said that she looks at the piano and blames her music career for making her become a star. “You ruined my life. You created Lady Gaga, my greatest enemy. I used to give up. I hate the celebrity life, feel tired, and squeezed out,” the singer said. When she went out, Gaga always felt bothered. She could not go to the supermarket, have dinner with her family like a normal person.

Lady Gaga's psychological instability

However, the singer said that she used music itself to recount pains in the past. The new album Chromatica has many songs such as ‘’Rain On Me’’, ‘’911’’, and “1000 Doves” that revolve around the topic of mental health.

She released the MV for the song 911 on September 18, basing on her experience with psychological problems. The video tells about the moment when the main character (Gaga) was saved from the dead after an accident. In her dying moment, she explored a dream world. “This short clip has a personal meaning to me. It tells how reality and dreams can make us and those around us heroes,” she said.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, born in 1986, is a famous American singer. She is known for her hits like ‘’Bad Romance’’, ‘’Telephone’’, ‘’Born This Way’’ … Last year, the singer won an Oscar for the song ‘’Shallow’’ in ‘’A Star is Born’’. In the past, Gaga repeatedly confessed that she had problems with the psychology and life of celebrities.

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