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Divine music activates divine love in Waking Bears single “Filled with Dreams”

Divine music activates divine love in Waking Bears single “Filled with Dreams”

Waking Bear is an Indie band from Olympia, Washington, who have been delivering fervent music filled with divine grace, joy and gratitude, to open hearts around the globe.

Waking Bear was created in 2018 after the universe aligned for Noah Bears and Ivy Jordanne, to bring forth a fateful meeting for these two star crossed lovers at the beginning of the year.

An epic adventure of romance, travel and music followed, and after many long conversations, they realised they had a shared vision. To create a band that could offer an entire musical experience, connecting with people on a meaningful level and cultivating music which initiates the vibrations of joy, love and healing.

Noah had pocketfuls of songs he had written and Ivy Jordanne was eager to start a new band, however, the two bears knew they could not achieve this task alone, so they called on their powers of manifestation to beckon the ideal match for the Bears project.

One by one the three other bears arrived with divine timing and the band, Waking Bear, became complete. Noah as lead vocalist and guitar, Ivy on keyboard and vocals, Daniel on lead guitar, Scott on drums and Scotty on bass guitar.

They have been producing captivating, transformational music since 2019, with no signs of slowing down. In August 2020 Waking Bear released “Filled with Dreams”, a song about waking up to a higher-power of unconditional love, and cultivating absolute gratitude and appreciation for this blessed life.

The song opens with a slow-tempo vibrating soundscape, similar to monks chanting OM, supported by a hauntingly beautiful melody rising from the electric guitar.

Noah begins to sing with such intense emotion and purity that an instant and beautiful heart connection is made between the band and their audience.

As well as being a compelling vocalist, Noah’s voice is also overflowing with knowledge and experience. He tells a tale of personal transformation and awakening, a story of hope and realisation.

Noah conveys a magical tale of divine consciousness through poetic lyrics such as;  “There was a time before the angels said hello, left alone, never known, but I can see them now, come on down, come on down to me”.

This song is reminiscent of a prayer, a touching, honest and heartfelt expression of waking up to infinite joy and love.

Musically the song slowly develops, opening up to us a like a flower, gradually increasing in intensity until an epic guitar solo enraptures listeners, lifting us into a state of ecstasy.

Waking Bear is absolutely accomplishing their mission, by creating superior music which connects with listeners hearts and activates intense feelings of love and joy.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Trevor Hall and Michael Franti & Spearhead, then Waking Bear will fit perfectly on your playlist. The band have just released their first album on the 20th January, titled “Trust Fall”, check it out here…

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