Coldplay Teased New Music And Fans Can’t Wait For Their ‘new era’ After 4 Years Being Absent.

Coldplay “teases” new tunes and fans are very excited because this may be the beginning of a “new era” for the band. Recently, a short video has been suddenly posted on Coldplay’s social networking site. The video is made as an old photo with the words “November 22, 1919” with the melody of a completely new song.Could this mean the […]

Begin Again – New album By Norah Jones Released

Begin Again is the 7th studio album of singer-songwriter Norah Jones, released on April 12, 2019 by the prestigious label Blue Note Records. The album contains many previously released singles by Norah Jones in 2018-2019, and also includes collaboration by Jeff Tweedy, Thomas Barlett, and others. Featuring Jones on vocals, piano and organ with Blade on drums, Christopher Thomas on […]

Arctic Monkeys: The Formidable Return Of British Music

It’s not the easy-to-listen pop songs but the powerful use of instruments and techniques and private vocals by Alex Turner has brought the group Arctic Monkeys a certain place in the hearts of listeners. After 5 years of relaxation, Arctic Monkeys announced the new track “Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino“. Their music style has changed a lot this time from […]