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Begin Again – New album By Norah Jones Released

Begin Again – New album By Norah Jones Released

Begin Again is the 7th studio album of singer-songwriter Norah Jones, released on April 12, 2019 by the prestigious label Blue Note Records. The album contains many previously released singles by Norah Jones in 2018-2019, and also includes collaboration by Jeff Tweedy, Thomas Barlett, and others. Featuring Jones on vocals, piano and organ with Blade on drums, Christopher Thomas on bass, Dave Guy on trumpet and Leon Michels on tenor saxophone. Click here to listen to the album on Spotify.

Norah Jones is also currently preparing to tour Australia and the US to promote her new album.

Norah Jones

According to Norah Jones, Begin Again will have more unique and new features compared to the previously released albums with other artists which were just completed within 3 days. Actually she did not make a precise plan for her album, but composed it with various feelings at different times, thereby bringing the truthfulness to her expression of emotions.

Fans can easily see new changes in Norah Jones’ composing and performing style with Begin Again when compared with her previous albums like Come Away With Me or Feels Like Home.

Without stopping in safe stereotypes, Norah Jones always wants to “experience” newer styles, or more accurately ,expressions of the real and natural emotions. 

In general, Begin Again will still be a very worth listening album if you are a jazz lover or better yet, a fan of Norah Jones’ works. Indeed, with Begin Again Norah Jones has been very successful in demonstrating the “adventure” and improvisation of the jazz genre, which is already her forte, and also has a good approach to young people when turning her a little bit in the composing style. Begin Again was like Norah Jones’ discovery with new inspirations, and she was successful.

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Track list of the Album:

1. My Heart Is Full

2. Begin Again

3. It Was You

4. A Song with No Name

5. Uh Oh

6. Wintertime

7. Just a Little Bit

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