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Arctic Monkeys: The Formidable Return Of British Music

Arctic Monkeys: The Formidable Return Of British Music

It’s not the easy-to-listen pop songs but the powerful use of instruments and techniques and private vocals by Alex Turner has brought the group Arctic Monkeys a certain place in the hearts of listeners.

After 5 years of relaxation, Arctic Monkeys announced the new track “Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino“. Their music style has changed a lot this time from the heavy guitar rock which has made the group’s previous AM album famous to a more romantic style with a little easy-to-hear jazz music written by the lead vocalist of the group, singer Alex Turner.

After 16 years working together, the British group, the Arctic Monkeys are already the potential group to break the US music charts with their new record “Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino“. The quartet has just started a 25-day North American tour in different cities.

Arctic Monkeys has been praised by many critics and won 7 BRIT awards (equivalent to the Grammy Awards in the UK) and many other prestigious awards. The band is believed to be the next musical generation that succeeds previous geniuses like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Pink Floyd – or outstanding individuals like Amy Winehouse and Adele.

On the contrary, many critics also state out some of the reasons for holding the Arctic Monkeys back because of their local English accent and other cultural factors. Anyway, a good example is that nothing could stop the spread of the Beatles just because of their English accent. 

All of the reasons given by listeners or critics are just an excuse for the development of a group. Music is originally a language, so sometimes you don’t have to understand it but the most important thing is to feel. No matter what language is sung, we can feel it and that does not affect any artist’s development because of their own identity.

The Arctic Monkeys group started touring earlier this month and lasted until October this year through New York, Boston, Washington DC, …

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