Sauce And The Drip by Hip-Hop Artist Polo Zo – Groove Driven Rap Track with Impressive Wordplay

Meet Polo Zo: Michigan based hip-hop artist, rapper and songwriter Polo Zo has just released his newest single “Sauce And The Drip” from his album Count Me In 3. Zo has always been passionate about music, although he shied away from the spotlight for many years. Until, one day, encouraged by his friends, he hit the studio mic and impressed […]

Here by Hip-Hop Artist, help – A Demonstration of Unforgettable Raw Talent & Artistry

Meet help: Los Angeles based hip hop artist, rapper, writer and filmmaker, help, is back with his newest EP, Here. help was previously known as the artist Willo, however, with the natural inclination for self-reinvention, he emerged with the foresight to deliver to the public what everybody needs…help. His most recent release, Here, is a three-track EP with a versatile […]

Think About Me by Jamie Sparks – Soulfully Seductive and Unforgettable

Meet Jamie Sparks: Award-winning RnB singer, songwriter and producer Jamie Sparks, has just released his newest single, “Think About Me”. Jamie is a natural-born musician, and it seems like he has music running through his veins. As a child, he was constantly surrounded by music and grew up in a family full of musicians and singer-songwriters. From a young age, […]

Freedom by Szigeti Juli – Explosive & Addictive Neo-Swing Track

Szigeti Juli’s release’s their newest single, “Freedom”: Budapest based neo-swing band Szigeti Juli are back with another thrilling track. “Freedom” an electro-swing banger, will have your feet bopping and your body jiving. The band of 4 was formed in 2019 by Juli Szigetl and comprises of lyricist and vocalist, Juli. Composer, arranger and drummer, Apor Pávai. Máté Drippey on the […]

Asssexual by Lainey Bee

SHOUT OUT! Shout out for lo-fi hip-hop artist, Lainey Bee, and her release “Asssexual”. This fierce track has some serious attitude with a unique and captivating sound that inspires listeners to grind on the dance floor. If you enjoy music from artists such as Kulpa and Psalm Trees, then Lainey Bee will fit perfectly on your lo-fi hip-hop playlist. Follow […]

El Poeta by Joe Calderon – An Inspiring and Impressive Jazz Fusion Composition

Joe Calderon’s new release “El Poeta” has just landed: Los Angeles based instrumental guitarist Joe Calderon is back with his second single release: “El Poeta”, from his upcoming album Cup Of Joe (due to land on August 6th). Calderon was inspired to write “El Poeta” by his favourite band, Sixun, a French jazz fusion group. He was introduced to their […]

Edge of Today by Atom Orr / Unforgettable Intensity and Expression

Meet Atom Orr: Atom Orr is the musical project of San Diego based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound engineer, Christopher Hoffee. Hoffee has been a music enthusiast since his finger first ran across the strings of his uncle’s guitar when he was five years old. This introduction formed an unbreakable bond and sparked an intense passion that has continuously developed. […]