Intensity and melody blend perfectly in “Roentgen” by Sonic Radiation

Todd Last is the creator behind the mind-blowing compositions of Sonic Radiation, a one-man journey into the sonic land of techno and trance, pursuing new and revolutionary soundscapes. Todd’s fascination with electronic music began when he first heard it in college, he was so mesmerised by the unique and compelling sounds, that he just had to make his own! However, […]

Soaring vocals and emotive lyrics charm listeners in “What’s on Ya Mind?” by James Storch

James Storch is a talented singer and songwriter from Flushing, New York, who has been passionately involved in music since the young age of five years old. His debut release on Spotify, “What’s on Ya Mind?” has already reached 20k streams, and it’s easy to see why. From the opening we are instantly engaged and enthralled by James’ captivating, soaring […]